Cooling your Hot Laptop

Laptop Overheating? Tips for cooling it down during running time.                                                           (No special equipment required.)

Consider the:

Performance Settings of the Processor:

(Win 8.1 instructions)
Open up: Power Options in the Control Panel                                                                                             (You’ll see a bunch of power plans pop-up)                                                                                                      Then click on, “Change Plan Settings” of the particular plan you want to edit.                                     Again, click on ” Change Advanced Power Settings“,                                                                              then look at “Processor Power Management“.                                                                                                Set the Maximum Processor State to less than 100%.

(Note the separate “On-battery Settings” and the “Plugged In” settings.)

Lowering your processor’s maximum processing power, will force the speed of the processor to be reduced, and lower the heat that is thrown from that area of the laptop. Try running a temperature checking app. First run it at 100%, then try changing it to 50% and see the temperature drop!

Believe it or not, your internal Wifi card throws a bit of heat. You would to, if you were a modern wifi card transferring data at blistering speeds. :)
Turn it off, but if you still need the ‘net access, with low temperatures, plug in with a network cable and surf away.

The Charger!

Yep. Unplug the charger for heat reduction. That baby puts out a lot of heat from the charger brick, but also heats up the inside of the laptop as the battery charges. (Hey, it’s a complex chemical reaction that’s going on in there! )

  • Run solely on batteries and watch the temperature drop.
  • Remove the battery (if this is an option) and run with the laptop charger plugged in.


Hope These Tips help to get your laptop running at full speed while keeping it cool! 😀

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