Things to do to prepare BEFORE starting your project.


1. Backups. Lose your project without them. Setup the project folders to be backed up.

2. Essential Assets/add-ons/plug-ins: Don’t forget to install them into your game engine! My list of essential Unity add-ins that make the design process so much easier as you go: Here (link to blog post of essential assets to ease development)

3. Setup your project versioning management. This is hand-in-hand with backups, but makes rollbacks easier. Examples: GitHub.

4. Create your Game Journal File in whatever application you’re recording your progress in!

5. Set your screenshots folder to a folder within your project or other folder which you’ll readily have access to. Take a screenshot of your work each day. Directions: Here

6. Brainstorm all the pieces/tasks needed to complete the game, creating a checklist of sorts, then break the tasks down into smaller checklists, which you can chip away at. If you find there’s more to do, later on, simply add it to the master checklist, so you don’t forget it. This helps to prioritize one’s work tasks, and let you accomplish the little things, while having something to check off each day.

Last item: Confirm your backups have backed up the actual project files you’ve been working on.
Restore a critical file, and confirm it works as needed. Weekly.

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