QNAP Dual-NIC Port Trunking Network File Transfer Performance Comparison

Had a QNAP TS-669 Pro with two Gigabit NIC ports in the back.  Plugged these into a single gigabit switch, which the computer used for file transfer testing was also plugged into.

Network settings in the management pages had a plethora of options to try.  I decided to try some and see what the performance difference was when copy and pasting the same 1GB sized file into a directly accessed “//qnap/Public” . No optimizations/customizations had been done on the Qnap which had been reset to factory defaults. RAID 10 was used, although RAID 0 also gave the exact same results. 6 drives all SSD’s of 512GB (SATA III ).

Round Robin 56 MB/s
balance XOR: 102 MB/s
balance-tlb 102 MB/s
balance-arb 100 MB/s

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