Export Package – Only include “Dependent” files – Unity

Export Package - Dependent Fileswhen you click the desired item, the Export Package window includes all your files in the project.  
De-selecting “Include Dependencies” removes all files but the single file you wanted to export, WITH IT’S DEPENDENT Files. 

Solution (Solved) : 
There is a separate menu for selecting your desired asset (for exporting)’s dependencies. 

From the Project window:

1. Right click on the asset you want to export. Choose “Select Dependencies” , you’ll notice the window updates with a bunch of dependant files.

2. Again, right click on one of these files and choose “Export Package”. You’ll see the export window load with every file in the project…

3. Un-check ” include dependencies”, and you’ll see the list update to include only the original asset and it’s dependent files.

You’re off to the Races! Keep Creating! 

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