Deleted Your Asset or File from Unity? Now Recover it!


(Head on table)…  I actually needed that piece of my Unity project which I just deleted…

 Sound familiar?   Don’t give up hope!                                                                                                                   If you act carefully, there’s possibly a way to easily recover that deleted item! 

(Note: Instructions are for Windows users.)

 First: inside the Project pane,                                                                                                                            Right-click the folder which previously held your (now deleted) item.


 Then click on the “Show in Explorer” menu option.

Then you’re Explorer window will pop-up. Click the folder where your asset was saved, and after it opens, right-click anywhere.

 Click “Undo Delete” from the menu, (above).   Look (below) your file has re-appeared!


(Open up Unity and you’ll see it re-add the asset to your project!)


TA DA!  😀

(Repeat the “Undo Delete” steps in the Explorer window, if you’ve deleted multiple files.)

Hope this Unity3d.Expert solution has saved your day!

40 thoughts on “Deleted Your Asset or File from Unity? Now Recover it!

  1. Dummiesman says:

    Oh my god this is a lifesaver. I imported an asset, the wrong one, so I proceded to select and delete this asset. Next thing I know is my *entire project* is deleted, including the C# dll’s.

  2. Marty Mcfly says:

    Thank you sooooo much for this. I had been working on a project for weeks, and one late night deleted an asset folder. When I saw my project basically disappear, I felt sick to my stomach.

    Thanks for saving my lunch!

  3. Lagger625 says:

    Many thanks for this article I was looking for in my desesperation!! I accidentally deleted my “main” script… among all those little scripts I had to delete exactly the most important of them… I didn’t know Unity delete command was actually just a Windows delete command, Unity says deleting an asset cannot be undone!

  4. Muhammad Zeeshan says:

    Thank You SO Much for this Help ..Actually i wants to delete a 3d Model From My Aseet Folder Which Contain all the Scenes of My Project and By Mistake all the Scenes are Deleted and I am gonna Shock Because I was Working from a week in this Project
    but I recover my Files Finally Thank You so Much

  5. Emmett Barrett says:

    oh my god you are a wonderful human being. You just saved me like 3 hours of work. Thank you so much

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