Deleted Your Asset or File from Unity? Now Recover it!


(Head on table)…  I actually needed that piece of my Unity project which I just deleted…

 Sound familiar?   Don’t give up hope!                                                                                                                   If you act carefully, there’s possibly a way to easily recover that deleted item! 

(Note: Instructions are for Windows users.)

 First: inside the Project pane,                                                                                                                            Right-click the folder which previously held your (now deleted) item.


 Then click on the “Show in Explorer” menu option.

Then you’re Explorer window will pop-up. Click the folder where your asset was saved, and after it opens, right-click anywhere.

 Click “Undo Delete” from the menu, (above).   Look (below) your file has re-appeared!


(Open up Unity and you’ll see it re-add the asset to your project!)


TA DA!  😀

(Repeat the “Undo Delete” steps in the Explorer window, if you’ve deleted multiple files.)

Hope this Unity3d.Expert solution has saved your day!

7 thoughts on “Deleted Your Asset or File from Unity? Now Recover it!

  1. justmadeanacounttosaythanks says:

    thaaaank you!
    I spent forever tweaking a sound in audacity to get it right. I only had 1 copy in unity though. And when I deleted it I was about to give up. THANk YOU SO MUCH YOU HAVE KLfjDksljflskj!

    • eunity3d says:

      Greetings Mur,
      You need to right-click in the “Project” view area within Unity. This is where the menu will have the “Show in Explorer” option.
      Keep on creating!

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