Tilt-a-Cube: Origins

It’s a 6-sided Cube with “Labrynth-like” puzzles on each side. The object of the game will stay true to the original. Gotta get that ball through the maze and into goal at the end.(Don’t get sucked into the Whirpools!)   

Tilt-A-Cube tiltacube       Play Web Player Version:  HERE!       

^  Requires: IE, Safari, Opera or Firefox ^


 Google Play Store: Here

Amazon App Store: Here

Tilt-A-Cube: Origins’   Development Journey

 From beginning designs to the finished product!(Below)

 Read the Change-Logs to get a taste of the development joys and sorrows:  Here

A bit of early Game-Play: 


 Original Level Selection Screen!          

Level Selection

More Game-Play:jan 16 whirl holes and new ball


Title Screen


And the Audio/Graphics options screen:

Choose Quality FX Tunes

 (OLD) Options Selection Screen!         (below)

Jan 16 Choose level ball

 YAHOO!  GUI Updated!

tilt a cube tilt-a-cube GUI beta new game

Ball/Difficulty Options Selection Screen:

tilt a cube tilt-a-cube GUI beta new game

In Game Pause Menus & Ball Tracker/Timer:

tilt a cube tilt-a-cube GUI beta new game


Video Card died on my development system! Can’t give up! I can still work remotely with Remote Desktop! 


Nothing like optimizing and going fr: 300+ draw calls to 152!

Screenshot (198)


And Finished!  (Released for Android!  )


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