Tilt-A-Cube: Origins –> Change Logs while building with Unity for Android

Ever wondered what  a day in the life of a Game Developer, using Unity looks like?  

Check out this sample of our change logs for the Android version of Tilt-A-Cube: Orgins

<— Tilt-a-Cube Change Logs —>
March 17, 2015 7:01

Have a successfully working build. Added the Scene Manager Asset to the project.

Duplicated resultsState.cs script and renamed it: ResultsStateOriginal
March 18, 2015

Created and made transitions work between levels (fade-in/out)

Made a UnityAd account for the game:
GAME ID: 26891
March 24, 2015

Added secret level and the catches within the Level 6 for the Demanding and Epic level wins to enable the secret level (level 7) to be available from the first screen link.
Made the “Tilt-A-Way” start button vibrate back and forth.
Finished the spinning of the coins in the secret level.

Done the basic development. Built to the Web player version.
March 25, 2015

Android Build Notes:

Changed the values in GravityChanger.cs for the x & y positions, since the tilt was working, but backwards (e.g. up and down, moved the cube left and right.)

March 26, 2015

Android Build Notes:

1.1 – Changed GUI element positions to work with different resolutions.
Changed Instructions picture to have “Tilt-Ur-Device” as the way to tilt the cube.

March 27, 2015

Disabled the AutoQualityChooser GameObject, but left it there, since it was Freezing the game on the Lenovo S820T test phone. (In all scenes)
March 28, 2015

– Modified the Quad within the CameraPrefab/Camera gameobject, since it was not positioned right, and covering only part of the background on Android. (saved changes to the prefab: Time 1:28pm

– Re-arranged the GUI elements for the timer tracking/ball info to be child objects of the GameScript>GameTimer game object, since various resolutions were drawing the positions different and making a mess. Now draws the same pics on each different resolution

– Adjusted the sizes of the GUI element for the secret (level 7) level.

– 4:30pm Adjusted the Level /Difficulty/Ball selection screen GUI elements to fit properly within 800×480. (Had been hidden off-screen.) Still need to work it for the higher resolutions.
March 30, 2015

– Finished adjusting the GUI elements on the Difficulty/Ball selection screen.

– Adjusted the quad (cloud background) position so that widescreen resolutions wouldn’t have only a partial coverage by the cloud background. Played around with rotating the cloud background. :)

– Accidentally removed all lightmaps from the ?game/menu scene around 4:12 pm.

– Built version 1.12 at 4:17 to see if it has reduced the size of the apk… not at all. same size.

– Restored the project (android Tilt-A-Cube from location: w: ) from the 4 pm backup.

April 1, 2015

– removed the “-” signs from the control’s line in the gravitychanger script. Hopefully this will reverse the already reversed controls for the tilt of the cube by the phone’s tilt.

– Added Exit Button and script to the front menu.

– Figured out the stretched horrible graphics within the Android build , compared to the nice ones in the Editor are caused by the actual “texture type” of the texture being set to: Sprite (Instead of: Editor GUI & Legacy GUI). Set them right now.

– Built 1.13 & 1.14 for testing.
April 3, 2015

– Changed more texture types for textures used in the level select screen to Legacy GUI texture type and resized them to look proper.

– Disabled the “Sphere Collider” component from the Balls in the ballsHolder gameobject, in hopes that the balls within the menu/level selection screen won’t be moving/tilting with the phone’s tilt.

– Changes other wooden & screw texture types for the front screen menu options.

– Built 1.15 apk. 11:05pm

April 4, 2015

(Web player build)

Changed music (my tracks) with the more refined versions of my tracks.

Created the build and loaded it to the web player version at unity3d.expert

April 5, 2015
(android build)

– replaced the old (mine) audio tracks with the refined versions. (Crash Guitars and Crashed Comet)

– Refined more GUI elements that had been labeled as Sprites, instead of Legacy GUi/Editor Gui. from pause menu and start screen.
– Adjusted the positioning of the back button on the options screen

Built BUILD 1.15

(After 5:20pm )
Removed animation from the balls within the level selection menu (turned “animation component off on each ball item) as well as turned off the collider component too, in an effort to prohibit the balls from tilting with the tilt of the android running device.
– built BUILD 1.16

– Attempted to stop the balls in the level selection area from tilting with the whole device as it tilts from user movement. Assigned them to their own Layer called something like: (build running now) menuballsonly

– Built BUILD 1.178

After 9:30pm
– reinitialized the colliders on the balls in the selection screen. Turned on animations as well for them. Now they are placed correctly but still clickable, and unfortunately, still moving with the tilt of the device on Android.

– Set the GUI backgrounds and text right for the secret level button and sorry message. Now should display properly.

– Added a rigidbody component to each of the 4 balls within the main menu scene, and constrained the movement of x, y, & z for each. (Did not limit rotation.) Hoping to prevent them from tilting with the device.

Built 1.18 BUILD Time: 10:13pm
April 6, 2015

– Fixed more GUI elements within the secret level, and adjusted the results screen for all levels, including the last level, due to some messed up per

BUILD 1.19

After 10:30pm
imported unity remote package into project.
April 7

Created the credits screen. Released the project was messed with the Unity 4 Remote package installed in it.
Created the CreditWorks package and exported it with the mainmenu state script.

Restored last night’s backup from 9:04pm… continuing on.
7:20 pm – 180’d level 2’s wood, goal, ball placement, and holes.
Same for level 3.
removed the removeconnections.cs script


– Adjusted camera angle to come move on top of the cube and straighten the cube slightly.
– Added the screen.sleepTimeout lines to the gamescript.cs script, to make the phone stod dimming itself during the game.

BUILD 1.21

– Added Icons for the android build.

Built BUILD 1.2

April 8, 2015

– again… corrected the positioning of the secret level button link’s text. Works with different resolutions now. :)

– within gravitychanger.cs attempted to double(multiply) the value of vec.x & vec.y
Built BUILD 1.23

– Changed Camera view on all levels except the main menu


After 6:30pm roughly
– Replaced the CubeUnderBody prefab on all levels, except the main one with cubeunderbody-partial prefab, to cut the draw calls down to about 150 !(from 300+)

– Removed the bottom and back pieces of the cube in the main menu, cutting down the draw calls to 299 from 340.

Built BUILD 1.24

Around 10 pm
– Reversed level one. removed the level shortcuts from the menu screen.

Built BUILD 1.25

April 11, 2015

– Added the link to unity3d.expert within the secret level’s result screen.
– tweaked the “secret level” button so it only appears after you finish the 6th level on “Demanding” Works.

Game works now. (No Ads installed yet.)

Built BUILD 1.27
April 12, 2015

– All seems to be working around 7:45pm.
Built BUILD: 1.28

April 18, 2015

– Took the android project for Tilt-A-Cube: Origins and started working on the Amazon Ads integration in it.

April 19, 2015
After 4pm, removed the Amazon Ad nastiness and trying for Unity Ads now…

4:35pm Imported Unity Ads package into the project.
Just works…

– April 21, 2015
After 12pm : scripted the Add picture and note to appear when the advertisement is ready for viewing. 😀

April 22, 2015

– Added background image to the watch movie request button. Changed the text to exclude the 😀 & added line breaks with ” \n ” within the code of the editor for the text content.
– Changed images for the watch movie request button and exit buttons to a heart and a power icon respectively.
– disabled the touch button 2 script from the exit button and replaced it with the “exitloadadscene” script, which allows the user to leave after watching the video, and in the case of no video available, allows the user to leave. Forces them to watch the vid if the user didn’t watch it already. :)
^ Above script, using OnMouseDown, didn’t respond to clicks until I added it to the GUI Layer. Then clicks worked fine.

– Added a check which allows the player to exit the game, if the ad is not loaded, (and of course they haven’t seen the ad.)

April 23, 2015

– Submitted APK to Amazon Apps

Created Keystore for app and:
– Submitted APK to Google Play Store (Build 1.36gpstore.apk )

Good to Go for Android!

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