Noah’s Ark: Dash ‘N Splash

Run, Splash, and Dash to collect food, animals; save Noah’s family from the Coming Flood!

School’s out for CoronaVirus Closures! 
$11.99 (Regular: $19.99)

Noah's Ark: Dash N' Splash: Promo Media Release - Feb 2019
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IOS, Android, & Windows Universal Apps !


Out of School Sale!  $11.99 (Regular: $19.99)

Free Demo :

Windows/PC:   English_get it from MS_864X312       Android: google-play-badge

Apple IOS:    None Available


Dev Log link:  A day in the life of a Unity Game Developer.

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8 thoughts on “Noah’s Ark: Dash ‘N Splash

  1. Hello. I just found your information. I am very interested in your Noah’s Ark project. I am thinking of developing a game based in the Bible story of Noah’s ark, using Unity. It looks like you have done some or a lot of work already. I am wondering if we could talk, compare notes. I am just starting, just learning Unity, looking to hire summer student or something to maybe do the work. Looking at options at this point.

  2. I bought this game for my son who loves anything to do with Noah’s Ark. Unfortunately we cannot seem to get past the point where you pick up the hammer on the rooftop. I have tried everything, and was hoping you might be able to advise what I can do to get the hammer picked up. Yours faithfully, James

    • eunity3d says:

      Hey James,

      Could you please let us know which platform (phone – Android/IOS or PC) you’re playing the game on? That will allow us to get you and update with a fix to this intermittent bug.

      We’re prepping an update here, but have had the apps turned off by Google Play, and now just re-initialized/made available by them again.

      – JustinTime Support Team

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