Noah’s Ark: Dash ‘N Splash

Run, Splash, and Dash to collect food, animals; save Noah’s family from the Coming Flood!

School’s out for CoronaVirus Closures! 
$11.99 (Regular: $19.99)

Noah's Ark: Dash N' Splash: Promo Media Release - Feb 2019
English_get it from MS_864X312Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_RGB_wht_092917

IOS, Android, & Windows Universal Apps !


Out of School Sale!  $11.99 (Regular: $19.99)

Free Demo :

Windows/PC:   English_get it from MS_864X312       Android: google-play-badge

Apple IOS:    None Available


Dev Log link:  A day in the life of a Unity Game Developer.

Screenshot (34)




6 thoughts on “Noah’s Ark: Dash ‘N Splash

  1. Hello. I just found your information. I am very interested in your Noah’s Ark project. I am thinking of developing a game based in the Bible story of Noah’s ark, using Unity. It looks like you have done some or a lot of work already. I am wondering if we could talk, compare notes. I am just starting, just learning Unity, looking to hire summer student or something to maybe do the work. Looking at options at this point.

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