Game -> Rev-iew : Dear Esther


Oh Dear…  Dear Esther is not a game. That’s for sure. It’s a poem within a game engine, where you walk around the island, where the paths are fairly cut-out for you, but that doesn’t keep you from wandering, if you so desire.
So, as a poem is, you sort of meander down the paths, and explore the island. You get to see  the inside of the island as well, while hearing random excerpts from the narrator.
This makes up a semi-pseudo story if you will, but mostly sounds like the rantings of someone gone mad… It’s a little hard to follow.


  •  Visuals – Nice scenery, but a little bit drab, due to the deserted island feel.
  • Can save the game, but it doesn’t tell you that. Press F6.. and F7 to load later.
  • Music really pulls you in, for a scary/somber feeling.


  • Have to slowly walk around… oh…  I mean slowly run around, and you can walk even slower, if desired….
  • No instructions or interaction whatsoever…  Makes you wonder if you’re missing something…
  • Random entries from the journal, all of a sudden at odd places, where the narrator just starts speaking and makes you jump out of your seat, ’cause the volume of the voice is a much louder than the music…

Last Bits:

If you like to actually play something while gaming, go find some <other games >. But if you’re looking for a relaxing 2+ hours of listening to nice music and wandering around a deserted island in the New Hebrides area, then wander off here to starting reading… (*ahem) playing: Dear Esther


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